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Place of residence

Nowadays people are increasingly changing their place of residence. Move from one of the city to another or from one city to another, it is recalled that the Latvian legislation imposes an obligation of the month after moving to declare a new place of residence:

Where to obtain information about my declared place of residence?

In situations where outsiders come to the place of residence or utility bills, correspondence addressed to the inmate, someone else is different as possible to find out who declared his or her place of residence in my possession. More information„ How do I know that is declared place of residence in my possession? ”
Annul the procedures specified in the details of the declared place of residence of a person. For more information - „How to cancel the news of the declared place of residence of a person?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the State or local government can provide flat?
The decision on the provision of assistance in solving apartment matters shall be adopted by the relevant self-government council or its delegated institution thereof, taking into account the provisions of the law and the self-government council binding regulations. For more information about the possibilities of receiving the assistance will be provided in the relevant self-government.

Can I learn the details of the other declared place of residence of a person?
You can do just that of his / her authorised representative or by lodging a request from the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, which stated:

  • the need for the receipt of messages and their identification document;
  • the aim of the use of information;
  • data on which you can identify a person.

The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs website contains information about the procedures for issuing a statement from the Register of Natural persons and documents necessary for requesting a statement.
Conversely, how to clarify this information in electronic form, you can read the article„ How to check the other person' s declared home address? ”

What are the utility costs in Latvia?
Utility costs in Latvia consists of ~ 30-40% of average salary. More information will be provided by a given municipality.