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Where to obtain information about my real estate

Growing is a theme is related to the real estate and their kadastrālajām values. Cadastral value is the basis of real estate tax, miscellaneous charges (inheritance or gift forming situations) or lease of land, it is used for calculating the commission and local government and various public authorities and the ground and owner of the buildings in state-to-state transactions or disputes.

Free e-services

"My data quantifying" portal

service information is checked during the State Land Service the Immovable Property State cadastre information system, and you will be displayed in the information document (* .pdf file) with information about you owned real estate and / or structures. Information document, you 'll find both the composition of the immovable property and the basic data on the estate and property and leasehold rights and same structures, both the cadastral value base, etc.


Service as a result, you get information about your at the registered real estate and property in the Land Registry by electronic means.


State Land Service has created a portal to every interested person, regardless of the intermediate should be possible to get a glimpse of real estate cadastral value and its calculation.


Ghana much information you can get the public area of the portal (for everyone and free of charge) – here you will find information about the real estate (cadastre number, name, cadastral value, etc.), their composition (construction, land, the room) and spatial data.

If you see that the displayed data are incorrect or have mistakes

definitely get in touch with the competent authority shall be informed thereof. It is important that your data correctly because it affects how much tax will be calculated for your real estate.

Online real estate tax payment

for house purchase Real estate taxes online is able to meet in two ways: