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In the opening of the business, questions are many and varied, and each merchant they may be different.

Information and consultation provided for business start-upsInvestment and Development Agency of Latvia (IDAL)including thethe establishment of a business plan,business incubators in the regions of Latvia,seminarandsupport options. While the consultation directly on the funding availableLIDA customer service departmentsthe government and business incubators.


The company name

  • Prior to the registration of the company has to choose a company name. General requirements for the company's name is included in the establishment of aThe Commercial LawSection IV.
  • The operator name isthe following restrictions:

- Name cannot be the same as an existing company name;

- include misleading information regarding important circumstances komerctiesiskajā circulation, particularly the merchant or commercial type or volume of commercial activities;

- be contrary to good morals;

- include the words "the Republic of Latvia", "State", "government", or national or local government authorities (institutions) name;

- coincide with the relevant administrative territory or populated area name;

- may not be used by another entity, the trade mark;

- should be used only in Latvian or Latin alphabet.

  • The Patent Office home pageseekers registered trade marksyou can make sure that the chosen name does not match with an already registered trade mark.

!! Handling of food involved in the company name and domain name cannot contain the term „bio”,„Eko”, " organic "if the company did not receive a certificate in accordance with regulatory enactmentsfor organic farming supervision and control.


Company registration

“Registration from the registers kept by the Enterprise Register”

"the new company, merchant, its affiliates, registering"

"the changes in company, merchant, its affiliates in Action"

"new organizations registering"

"changes in the form of an organization in action '

  • Information on rightholders and legal facts are published on the registration“Latvijas Vestnesis”.
  • E-service“Registration from the registers kept by the Enterprise Register” will require the payment of fees and charges for publication in the newspaper “Latvijas Vestnesis”, if any, should be taken. This can be done online or outside the e-service. State fees and charges for publication in the newspaper“ Latvijas Vestnesis ” on the registration steps and legal facts of the right-holder or in accordance with regulatory enactments in force.

!! Using the e-services portalthe www.latvija.lvthe application and documents to be attached, it is not possible to sign with an alien issued by a certified service providers in Latvia e-signatures, but only with a secure electronic signature (identity card eID, safe e-signature smart card or virtual e-signature).

Tax issues

  • All tax payers, with the exception of the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia registrants must register with the State Revenue Service (SRS), it may be made electronically using e-services“tax payer and the departments recording”.

Register of tax payers SRSRegister of tax payers.

Parties to whom the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs has not assigned personal identity number, as well as the national authorities and other entities which are to be registered with the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of LatviaSRS 11 marks shall be granted tax payer registration KODU.

  • At the start of the performance of taxable transactions tax payer shall register with the added value of the register of tax payers. Register for VAT register may be electronically using e-services“tax payer registration in the State Revenue Service register of tax payers added value”.
  • Tax payers are obliged to register with the SRS VAT payer register until 15 of the month following the date of the taxation period, when the total value of taxable supplies of goods and services provided a total value of the previous 12 months has exceeded 50 000 euro (up to 2017, December 31) 000 or 40 euro (from 2018 January 1 January).
  • Tax payers declarations and statements (for example,Annual VAT return,Corporate income tax declarationshall be submitted using etc.)The SRS electronic declaration system.
  • Enable SRSto make tax payments online.
  • The person who received a decision regarding refusal of registration has theright to clarify the application for registration with the VAT payer register and re-submit it to the SRS (rather than UR).

!! If a merchant shall submit a registration using e-services„Registration from the registers kept by the Enterprise Register”e-service in the course of a submission, which may accompany the application in the Commercial Register along with the rest of the documents necessary for registration. An application for registration of the VAT register with the application of a merchant may send in the Commercial Register in ERs. And, upon application for entry for VAT purposes, shall forward it to the SRS registration.


Employee recruiting


Special permissions

excise goods under a special permit (licence)that commercial activities with excisable goods shall be issued by the SRS.

music in public licencethat is issued by the AKKA/LAA to use of copyright works, public events, public places,

food company registrationor recognition of the Food and Veterinary Service shall be carried out on the companies involved in any stage of the handling of food.



  • Information relating to e-service "Registration from the Enterprise Register registers kept by the" use of available solo by stephere.
  • Information about making an entry in the Enterprise Register Journal and in the Commercial Register and documents to be submitted registration (accession to the file), the State fee, as well as the country, the procedures for payment of the amount of duty and exemptions availablehere.
  • Information on the Latvian tax system, including the state social insurance mandatory payments of contributions to the availablehere.
  • Information on labour protection issue availablehere.
  • Additional information on the business environment in Latvia and the taking-up availablehere.
  • Additional information on developments on financial institutions implemented ALTUM national support programmes for business start-upshere.
  • Starting a business

    Company name and forms of business, company registration, including registration electronically, economic activities of natural persons, tax issues, how to apply for micro-enterprise tax (MUN) payer status, how to apply for VAT registration, recruitment, special permits, useful information and Available e-services for entrepreneurs.

  • Home production

    If you want to do your homework - home food production or craft, you need to comply with laws and regulations that will ensure that your produce is safe for consumption and that your business is legal. Many of the necessary activities are electronically performed, and in some cases there are relaxed rules that will help you start a new job more successfully.

  • Cropping

    Crop production is a basic sector of agriculture that cultivates crops for use in various food, livestock, industry and other sectors of the economy. There are many requirements and obligations that a farmer must follow and perform in different state and local government institutions in order to succeed in crop production. E-services will help you get the services of the authorities more convenient and faster regardless of your location.

  • Livestock farming

    Livestock farming is an agricultural sector that involves the rearing of domestic animals to produce animal products. There are several types of livestock farming - dairy farming, sheep farming, pig farming, poultry farming, equine breeding, apiculture and fur farming. Animal husbandry requires specific knowledge and skills, adherence to regulatory frameworks, and a considerable amount of time. Therefore, the possibility of many formalities is electronically beneficial.

  • Food sector

    Kā uzsākt darbu pārtikas apritē, kas jādara, ja vēlas no trešajām valstīm ievest pārtiku un tirgot Latvijā, kas jādara, ja uzņēmums vēlas uz trešajām valstīm izvest dzīvnieku izcelsmes pārtikas produktus, dzīvus dzīvniekus un nepārtikas produktus.

  • Remote communication with the customer, adaptation of premises, submission of waste reports

  • Agriculture

    How to become a user of the Electronic Logging System of the Rural Support Service, how to apply for investment projects of the EU agricultural, forestry and fisheries funds, what e-opportunities the country offers to farmers, how the forest owner will submit reports on forestry activities.