For technical reasons, it is not possible to authenticate to the portal as a branch representative.

The Latvian National Radio and Television Centre reports that there are currently problems to certify e-Identity with eParaksts mobile on the Android operating system caused by Google's operation. We call for updates to the Android System WebView and Google Chrome at the Google Play Store.

We are informed that the portal contains closed e-services “Requesting a criminal record for a natural person”, “Requesting a statement on the coercive means and administrative penalties applied to a legal person” and “Requesting a statement on administrative penalties imposed on a private person”. You may request information on the criminal records of a person on the portal of the Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior -


- receive e-advice from a family doctor


- Border control of food on imports of goods into the European Union from third countries in
- Border control of feedingstuffs of plant origin in
- Phytosanitary border control in